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Fleet Registration and Renewals

To qualify for the Permanent Fleet Program, clients must have 10 or more commercial vehicles registered at all times within a fleet. Qualifying clients: Have the option to register/renew their vehicles quarterly, semi-annually or annually. May group specific vehicles into separate fleets and have each fleet expire at different periods.

For more information please contact our offices at
(403) 273-3730

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Knowledge Testing - Written Tests

We provide knowledge testing for all drivers license classes.

All tests are done in the office during regular office hours. Appointments are not required and exams are written on a first come first serve basis.

 All applicants must provide acceptable identification (eg. must have a valid passport or birth certificate and proof of Alberta residency), and all applicants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian.

Your exam must start at least 60 minutes before closing time. Please check the home page  for confirmation of office hours.

Pass your Learner's Test the first time with the help of our Learner's Licence Prep Kit ( study cards) available at our Registry location.

  • Developed by Educational professional
  • Determines your test readiness
  • Study Tips included
  • Easy to use
  • Portable

Motor Vehicle Services

As a service to our customers, you can download PDF Bill Of Sale forms here.

PLATES would like to remind you that, under Alberta law, all vehicles being operated or parked on public roads or public property must be registered and insured. This includes off-highway vehicles such as dirt bikes, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles. With very few exceptions, persons applying for registration, transfer or renewal must provide proof of insurance and ownership before license plates or a renewal decal can be issued.

NOTE: Policies for registration of vehicles from outside of Alberta, are detailed under Out-of-Province.

Please note: If you have sold your vehicle and do NOT intend to replace it, you can apply for a refund (pro-rated) of the time left until the license plate expiry date. The bottom line is, for passenger plates, you need four or more months left before expiry to make it worth your while -- due to processing and cancellation fees -- and the refund is mailed out from Edmonton.

Vehichles and Trailers With no VIN - All vehicles and trailers that go on public roadways require a visible VIN showing the identity of the vehicle. If your vehicle or trailer does not have one please visit here to obtain one.

For more information,                                                            or send us an e-mail here.

Buying or Selling Your Vehicle?

Suspensions / Restricted Licence / Ignition Interlock

Suspensions: Once you have served your suspension, you may come in and obtain your licence again. In most cases, you will have a set of reinstatement conditions to fulfill before a licence can be issued to you. Due to the various types of suspensions, we are unable to list all possible conditions. Come into our office or give us a call so we can assist you in determining which conditions you will have to fulfill.

Restricted Licence: A restricted drivers licence is issued to clients who currently are suspended, and the suspension hinders their job status or livelihood. You can purchase an application for restricted licence from us, and send the paperwork into Driver Fitness and Monitoring. Should they approve you, they will allow you a licence that only allows you to drive from point A to point B within certain time frames. Basic requirements are:

  • You must be suspended.
  • The suspension cannot be an alcohol suspension.
  • You cannot apply if you have a GDL licence or a class 7 licence.

Ignition Interlock: The Ignition Interlock Program allows individuals who have lost their operator's licence through an impaired driving conviction an opportunity to gain conditional driving privileges. There are many restrictions that apply and there are specific eligibility criteria. The Ignition Interlock Program is administered by the Alberta Transportation Safety Board.
Drivers who meet the Ignition Interlock Program criteria can have an alcohol sensing device installed in their vehicle ignition system. The driver is prevented from starting and/or driving his/her vehicle if the device detects a level of alcohol. All program activity is recorded and monitored.

You can come in and purchase an application for ignition interlock from us or you can pick up the participant guide to see if you might qualify for the device.