Playing casino on BlackBerry is simple and convenient!

Just because most casino apps are only compatible with Windows and Mac doesn't mean that everything is lost if you have a BlackBerry. On the contrary: there are more and more online casino sites for BlackBerry, which allow you to find your favorite games anytime and anywhere. To help you make the right choice, our team of casino pros have selected the best apps and mobile platforms in Canada. If we had to remember only one, it would be that of Jackpot Party Casino , a truly extraordinary site.

  • Our favorite apps work smoothly on most BlackBerry smartphones.
  • They offer a wide choice of table games and slot machines.
  • They allow you to make transactions with complete peace of mind.

Our test protocol

Of course, you have no reason to take our word for it: what tells you that the BlackBerry online casino sites on our list are really of quality? Well, they are because, to choose them, we use a most rigorous testing protocol, which we put in place years ago and improved over time. Each time we examine a FR site, we take into account the following criteria :

  • The range of games offered . We prefer BlackBerry online casino sites that offer several hundred games of all kinds and for all budgets.
  • The quality of the application or mobile platform . We put away mobile games that are buggy or have poor quality graphics.
  • The security of transactions . Being able to deposit or withdraw funds with complete peace of mind, anywhere in Canada, is essential.
  • The availability of customer service . In case of any problem or question, our favorite sites will answer you quickly, and in Canadian please!

On the menu for BlackBerry users, about quality online casinos


In general, to play on BlackBerry at the online casino, you will not need to go through the download stage. The vast majority of mobile casino applications are designed for iOS and Android, and not for the BlackBerry operating system. However, the good news is that online casino operators very often offer mobile sites without downloading, accessible from the internet browser of your BlackBerry Playbook or your BlackBerry Classic.

In just a few seconds, you will be able to log in to your casino account, or even create one if you don't have one, and play all your favorite games on your tablet or smartphone. The choice of games will be smaller than on the computer, but you should be able to find your happiness without much problem. In addition, you will be able to make deposits and withdrawals on mobile in excellent security conditions.

Between mobile and computer, our heart is swinging!

When it comes to online casinos, mobiles and computers do not oppose each other. In fact, they are rather complementary. On a computer, you get the most complete and user-friendly gaming experience there is, because you can access all the games on a FR site, and enjoy all its features. The problem is that a computer is quite bulky, and it's not very discreet.

This is where smartphones and tablets come into play, which allow you to play anywhere and whenever you want, provided, of course, that you have access to a good internet connection. In Canada, the choice of games available on applications for Apple and Android phones, as well as on online casino platforms for BlackBerry, is smaller than on computers, but the flexibility is much greater.

Our tips for playing on BlackBerry in good conditions

To play safely at a Canadian online casino from your BlackBerry, you must follow a number of rules :

  1. Safety first and foremost . It goes without saying, but we repeat it anyway: you will not be able to win a dollar if you do not play on an honest site.
  2. Pay attention to your package . Online casinos are very greedy; connect to wifi to save your mobile plan and not find yourself in the red.
  3. Energy to spare . Just like Android and Apple phones, BlackBerry tablets and smartphones quickly run out when playing roulette or poker. Do not part with your charger!

The top mobile casino sites

To choose the best casinos for BlackBerry, we use a rigorous testing protocol, which we set up years ago and improved over time.

Now you know where to turn to find trusted online BlackBerry casino sites: with our selection, we make it easy for you! Do not hesitate to test the casinos that we recommend in free mode to find out which one will suit you best. Indeed, there are so many good online casino sites in Canada that we are spoiled for choice. Once you have found your happiness, register, deposit dollars into your account, and make your games!

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Frequently asked questions

There is no way to log in to your online casino on BlackBerry until you have read the FAQ below, in which our casino pros answer all the questions you have.

Can I play online casino on BlackBerry?

Yes, of course! Even if there are very few applications specially designed for BlackBerry, it is quite possible to play the casino with the platforms in "instant play", without downloading.

Which BlackBerry models are compatible with casinos?

Most BlackBerry tablets and smartphones are compatible with online casino applications and platforms. Obviously, the newer and more powerful your mobile is, the better!

How do I start playing?

It is necessary to start by creating an account at an online casino, from BlackBerry or computer. Then deposit funds into your account, and you can play for real money!

How to deposit and withdraw money?

By logging into your account and going to the cashier of your operator. You will usually have the choice between several payment methods, including credit cards, e-wallets and transfers.

What are the most popular games on BlackBerry?

Slot machines are the most popular games, on BlackBerry as on other platforms. However, casino fans swear by table games such as poker or blackjack, which offer higher chances of winning.

Where to find the best apps?

On our website, of course! We do everything we can to find the best online casino for BlackBerry. The result is a selection of sites and applications of very high quality, on which you can play with your eyes closed, or almost.

Playing on a computer or on a BlackBerry: what's the difference?

On a computer, whether you play via software or in instant play mode, you have access to a wider choice of games than on mobile. Smartphones and tablets, on the other hand, offer you a very valuable flexibility.

Is it safe to play on mobile?

Yes, of course, as long as you choose a trusted online casino site for BlackBerry. You will be able to enjoy fair games and ultra-secure transactions.