Mobile casino apps to play with complete freedom

There are dozens of online casino applications, and even hundreds of them. There are some excellent ones, for sure, but also some very bad ones, and apps to absolutely avoid. But don't worry, we will teach you how to navigate the sometimes murky waters of the Canadian online casino. On the menu, on this page, explanations, tips, and a selection of sites that, like Jackpot Party Casino , offer great online casino applications.

Keep reading to find out :

  • Where to find exceptional, safe and honest online casino sites.
  • Play on your tablet or mobile phone with complete peace of mind.
  • What are the advantages of real money apps.

In search of the best casino apps: our method

To find the top online casino in Canada, we follow a proven method, which we developed years ago and perfected over time. We analyze many criteria, from security to the fairness of the games, from bonuses to loyalty programs, and from the choice of games to customer service. We take a close look at mobile applications and platforms to check if they are compatible with different operating systems.

Playing on mobile is easy and convenient!

Why play casino on mobile when you can enjoy the comfort of a computer? Simply because smartphones and tablets offer you something very valuable: incredible flexibility. Thanks to smartphone casino apps, you can play wherever and whenever you want, discreetly: on the bus, in the dentist's waiting room, at the library, in your garden, or even on the street. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can do whatever you want: it's still beautiful, progress!

Computer or mobile?


Mobiles bring you, as we said above, an incomparable freedom. With them, the whole world becomes a gigantic gaming room, and you can train, test new strategies and even earn money in your spare time. On the other hand, you should know that, in general, online casino applications offer a reduced choice of games, compared to computer software. Not all casino games are optimized for small smartphone screens.

Not all features will be available. For example, the game in multitables mode often only works on a computer or tablet, and not on a smartphone. On the other hand, it is quite possible to manage your account in nomadic mode, and deposit dollars or withdraw your winnings from your mobile phone, provided of course that you choose a quality casino mobile application, which uses state-of-the-art security measures.

Four tips for playing like a champion

If you are taking your first steps in the world of online casino, on iPad, Android tablet or iPhone, follow the advice of our experts :

  1. Never its my charger . Online casino applications are real gems: they drain the batteries at high speed. In order not to be forced to leave an exciting poker game at the wrong time, always keep your charger handy.
  2. The wifi, to save my package . On tablets and mobile phones, casino games consume a lot of mobile data. Keep an eye on your consumption, and opt for wifi when possible.
  3. Safety, security, and security . And also... securitý. On mobile, we are even more vulnerable than on computer: hence the importance of choosing a quality operator, who does everything to ensure safe gaming conditions.
  4. Free games, to progress . You don't have to play for real money to have fun. Test the games in "play money" mode, to progress while killing time.

The best apps for Canadian mobile users

To evolve in the sometimes dangerous world of online casino applications, it is better to have a good guide. Fortunately, you have ! Our experts, who know online casino sites like the back of their hand, make it a point of honor to find the best online casino FR for you. On our favorite casinos, you will find Canadian games, high-quality smartphone casino applications, nice bonuses and promotions, and top loyalty programs.

Casino apps offer you a very valuable thing: the freedom to play wherever and whenever you want, discreetly.

Do you want some more? With these mobile casino applications, you will be able to make deposits and withdrawals in dollars wherever and whenever you want, in complete safety. We have also paid special attention to customer services, which are available and efficient. With all this, you are more than ready to start playing poker, blackjack and roulette for real money. Grab your iPad or your Android tablet, BlackBerry or Windows Phone, and make your games!

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Frequently asked questions

To find good online casino applications, you have to apply yourself. And that, we know how to do, at ! The proof with this FAQ, which will give you all the necessary information to make the right choice.

Do Canadian players like slot machine apps?

Yes, of course, even if they prefer poker and sports and horse betting applications, which are very successful in Canada.

What operating systems can we play on?

The majority of online casino apps are designed for either Android or iOS. This means that you will be able to play on iPhone or on Samsung Galaxy without problems. On the other hand, applications for BlackBerry and Windows Phone are still rare.

Do the apps offer all casino games?

No. They offer games of all kinds, from slot machines to card games, roulette and craps, but there are usually not as many games as on computer sites.

How do I find the best apps?

It's simple: follow our advice! We have done the hard work for you, by testing dozens of Canadian online casino applications in order to find the top of the top.

Are they compatible with all mobiles?

No. Online casino applications are generally designed for Android and iOS. If you have a BlackBerry or a Windows smartphone, opt for a site without downloading: you can play directly in your internet browser.

How far can the jackpots go up?

Very high, that's for sure! The prize pools of progressive games, usually slot machines, can thus exceed a hundred thousand dollars, and sometimes even climb up to a million. But be careful, they are difficult to pick up!

Is my banking information safe when I use a casino app?

Normally, yes, if you have downloaded a quality application, of course. Transactions are indeed secured using state-of-the-art technologies, used by the largest banks and merchant sites.