Online video poker , it is a team of casino experts whose mission is to find honest video poker sites for you, on which you can play with confidence. We use very strict criteria to rate the sites and select only the best online casinos with video poker. To find out more, read this article and follow our tips! Our video poker guide is indeed ideal for beginners. Here's what you can discover there :

  • The history of video poker and the advantages of this game.
  • The most sensible strategies to increase your bankroll.
  • Tips for choosing the best casino and playing in optimal conditions.

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Video poker is a game of chance built as a slot machine and that allows you to play closed poker solo. The goal is to draw the best possible hand.

Video poker was invented in the 70s, at the time when computers were revolutionizing the world, and that of gaming in particular. Professionals specializing in the creation of programs for slot machines came up with the idea of adapting a poker game of the same type. During the 80s, this game was more and more successful and was able to seduce all those who did not dare to sit at a poker table.

Today there are many casino sites with video poker as well as many variations. The differences are mainly in the number of jokers present in the game, the payment grids and the nature of the winning hands! You can play video poker online on the following versions: Jacks or Better, All American, Bonus Poker or Double Bonus Poker.


Video poker games

To really have fun at video poker 2022, you need to understand the rules well: the machine will deal you five cards. You can choose which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to replace. You can also choose to keep everything or, on the contrary, change everything. You can only change the cards once, there are only two possible distributions in all. The goal is to form a winning combination and they are all inspired by traditional poker hands. You win based on the final draw and the grid of winning combinations. Your winnings are also based on the sums wagered at the start.

We , find very valuable tips to succeed in video poker!

In principle, in a casino with video poker, the jackpot is fixed. But some machines offer progressive jackpots that are powered by the bets of all players connected to the same gaming software. Thus, when you draw the maximum combination, a royal flush, you pocket a jackpot that can reach truly fabulous sums!


It is not easy to answer this question, because the house edge varies between operators and games. The only thing you can be sure of is that the house always has an advantage over the players, and that, in the long run, very few Internet users manage to increase their bankroll. The secret is to manage your funds well, to bet only small amounts, and not to spend all your time on slot machines or video poker games: these are indeed the most unfavorable games for players. Blackjack and poker offer you a much better chance of success, if you adopt a solid strategy of course.

Knowing what the payout rate is practiced by your operator also gives you an idea of what you can win at video poker. This corresponds to the percentage of money wagered by Internet users that an operator redistributes to them. It goes without saying that the higher the payout rate, the more chances you have to win.

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The solitary side of video poker 2022 means that the player no longer needs to analyze the behavior of others, or take care to control his body language so as not to give information about the quality of his game to his opponents. In video poker, only statistics, probabilities and chance come into play and this clearly changes the way you make your decisions.

To really increase your chances at this game, be methodical. Change only the necessary cards. No more, no less. Do you have a nice game? Don't change anything! Do you have a high card? Keep it there and ask for only four cartes...Et so on! You are playing against a machine so there is no need to suddenly change your way of acting, these tactics only confuse opponents made of flesh and blood...

Do you want to play real money casino with video poker? Practice first on the free versions, test your strategies and then you can bet with real money and cash out big jackpots! A reliable online casino with video poker is a casino that allows its customers to test the games for free, so take advantage of it!


In 2022, to play video poker, you don't need to stay screwed behind your computer screen. On the contrary, players have never had such freedom: with mobile applications and casinos, you can now play video poker sitting on the terrace of a cafe, in a break room, on the street, on the bus or even in the bath... everything is possible, provided you have a quality internet connection, of course!

If you are interested in nomadic video poker, you have two options: download an application or connect to a Flash site. The applications are interesting, but have the disadvantage of being generally only compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android, and more rarely with Windows Phone. Flash mobile casinos, which open directly in your internet browser, have the advantage of being compatible with all smartphones and tablets.


Video poker and dollars

Our professional teams have tested the best sites so that you can choose a reliable online casino with video poker and play safely at the casino with online video poker adapted to your needs. To fully enjoy your playing time, and increase your chances of winning, you must actually choose a casino with an impeccable reputation.

Don't waste time testing all the casinos...We have classified and rated all the online sites to save you time! From promotions to customer service, from the random number generator to transaction security and software to VIP programs, nothing escapes us! The result is a selection of really top sites, which offer excellent video poker games that will delight beginners and experienced players. The best online casinos with video poker are classified in our files and you just have to consult them to find out everything...

To play the real money casino with video poker, you need all the guarantees and that's normal! So call on the experts of the game and we will give you the most informed advice and the most accurate information to find the top online video poker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Video poker, what exactly is it?

Video poker is the unexpected meeting of slot machines and classic poker. The goal is to create the strongest poker hands possible by spinning the reels of a slot machine.

How does it play out?

Video poker is played like a slot machine. To activate the reels, just click on "spin". The second phase of the game is different: it consists of discarding one or more cards and drawing new ones in order to compose a winning hand.

Where can I play video poker online?

On all virtual casinos! Video poker is very popular, and it is common to find at least a dozen variants among operators. Some sites even offer up to fifteen or twenty video poker games.

Is video poker successful?

Yes, a lot! Players appreciate its simplicity and playfulness. This game is also very popular with poker beginners, who take the opportunity to learn the basic rules of this essential game.

How much can we earn?

It depends on the hand you get. Not all winning hands are paid the same: the stronger they are, the more money you win, of course! So we can just as easily earn a few dollars as several hundred dollars. Be aware that there are also progressive video poker games, with much higher jackpots.

Do rigged video poker games exist?

Yes, but not on the sites we recommend. They use quality random number generators, which are, for you, the guarantee of absolutely fair and reliable games.

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