Sic Bo online 2022 in Canada

Sic Bo in Canada

The world of online gambling is too often akin to a jungle, where you get lost easily and where you can make very bad encounters. The solution is to follow a wise guide, who has tested the casinos and knows who the trusted operators are. This guide is : for you, our casino experts have scoured the online Sic Bo rooms in order to find the best ones.

So, if you dream of playing Sic Bo in real time, to get started, read our guide before you start to know everything about this original dice game. We will teach you...

  • The history of Sic Bo and its rules of the game.
  • The most sensible strategies to win at this dice game.
  • How to choose a trusted casino to play Sic Bo and other table games safely.

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The game of Sic Bo comes from China and means "pair of dice”. This casino game is present in many countries such as the United States, and has recently been established in Europe. It is a flagship attraction of Macau casinos and is becoming more and more successful on the internet.

Today, everyone can play the version of Sic Bo 2022 so take the time to discover the rules of this game that is played with three dice and fascinates players all over the world! To get started and find the best online casino with Sic Bo, this article will guide you and answer all your questions.


The goal of online Sic Bo is to bet on the numbers and combinations that will appear following a roll of three dice. In a casino with Sic Bo, there are 50 different ways to bet in each game and all of them appear on the playmat! Everyone places their bets as they wish around the table and the players who bet on the winning combinations pocket winnings proportional to the risk involved.

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Here are some possibilities to play well at the casino with Sic Bo online :

Winning at Sic Bo

-Make a small bet: it involves betting on the fact that the sum of the three dice will be less than 11. On the other hand, if the dice show three 1s, three 2s or three 3s, you lose. There are 108 possible combinations to get less than 11 with three dice and only 3 possibilities to lose. So this option is quite interesting, statistically speaking. In the same way, you can make a big bet and bet on the fact that the sum of the three dice will make between 11 and 17. But if the dice show three 4s, three 5s or three 6s, you lose.

Simple: the player bets on the output of a specific figure.

Sum: regardless of the numbers displayed, the important thing is that their sum corresponds to the figure on which the bets are placed.

-Do a double: it is a matter of choosing a number and you will win if two of the three dice display the number on which you have bet. -Make a triple: same rule as for the double, but here the number must come out three times. -Any treble: any treble is a winner regardless of the number out.

There are many other possibilities at Sic Bo online and we can't describe them all here but you can already start having fun with them. And over time, you will discover all the subtleties of this game. A casino with Sic Bo offers many chances to have a pleasant time while winning attractive sums!


At Sic Bo, the payout ratios vary by casino. On the other hand, the winning probabilities remain the same everywhere: before you start, take note of them. This will be useful for you to bet in the most sensible way possible.

  • Are you betting on "Pass" or on "Miss"? The probability of winning is 48.6%.
  • Are you taking a risk and betting on "Triple"? In this case, your chances of winning collapse, and fall to 0.46%. But if you win, you win very big, and can multiply your bet by 150.
  • If you opt for "Any Triple", the probability of winning is 2.8%.
  • With a bet on "Double", your chances of winning are 7.41%.


To get started with the Sic Bo 2022 version and play for real money, there's nothing like experimenting with a few strategies. For example, making a triple bet is really risky, so only attempt it if you are particularly fit...Otherwise, you will significantly increase your chances by avoiding these kinds of bets. It is also important to choose your playing field correctly and only play at the best casinos with Sic Bo online.

To learn how to play Sic Bo online, follow the advice of our experts!

Also remember that dice games are subject entirely to chance, so you will win more over time by betting small amounts of money on a regular basis rather than large sums. You will win even more often if you have chosen a reliable online casino with Sic Bo!

By chance, the beginner and the expert have almost similar chances of pocketing interesting winnings at the casino with Sic Bo online. What makes Sic Do an ideal game to discover the atmosphere of an online casino and take your first steps into the world of virtual games!


Online casino operators are getting stronger and stronger, with mobile applications that allow you to play freely. All you need is a high-quality internet connection to sit at a Sic Bo table, check your game history, take advantage of current promotions or even make a deposit or withdraw your winnings.

If you can't find an application compatible with your mobile or tablet, don't panic: quality online casinos usually offer no-download modes. The games are available in Flash version, which allows you to access them through your internet browser, without downloading an application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is sic bo popular in Canada?

Sic bo is clearly not the favorite casino game of the Canadian, who prefers roulette or blackjack. However, this game deserves to be known: online casinos have brought it up to date, and you can easily play it.

On which sites can we play sic bo?

On many Canadian online casino sites. As sic bo is not necessarily very popular with Internet users, it is not offered by all casinos. By referring to our selection of casinos, you will be able to easily find excellent sic bo casinos.

Can we make a lot of money at sic bo?

Yes, you can win hundreds or even thousands of dollars with luck! Since sic bo is a pure game of chance, it is necessary to bet with caution and know well the different possible bets to make the most judicious choices.

Is it advisable to use a strategy?

We recommend that you avoid martingales and other so-called "magic" systems, which very rarely bear fruit. On the other hand, develop a solid strategy to manage your bankroll: this is the secret to being a winner!

Are sic bo's games rigged?

On honest sites, no. Trusted Canadian operators use a whole arsenal of security measures to avoid cheating and fraud. The random number generators in their software thus ensure fair games.