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The First Online Roulette Diamond Edition 2022 is a game that can be found in more and more online casinos, with its particularly successful graphics and quality special effects. To really have fun and play at the real money casino with Premier Roulette Diamond Edition online, it is important to understand the rules of the game. So, read this article to take advantage of advice from real casino experts, and to know everything about the Premier Roulette Diamond Edition.

  • We explain to you the characteristics of this roulette variant.
  • We explain how to play it.
  • We help you find the casino of your dreams, safe, honest and reliable.

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The rules of the Premier Roulette Diamond Edition online

As for the dollarpean roulette, the carpet of the First Roulette Diamond Edition consists of several squares ranging from 0 to 36, i.e. 37 squares positioned next to the roulette wheel. They are sometimes red and sometimes black, except the 0 which is green. The roulette wheel is lined with notches on which we find exactly the same numbers as on the playing mat.

You must then bet chips on the game mat, taking into account the criteria that are yours. A precise strategy, instinct, chance, whatever...As long as you have fun! The dealer will throw the ball and spin the roulette wheel. The winner is the one who has bet on the right number, the right color, the right row or the right column...

You can position your tokens as you want. Straddling several boxes, on a whole group of numbers, or on a single number that really inspires you...You are completely free as long as you bet a sum included between the minimum and maximum amount of the table. You can bet and change your bets until the dealer says “the games are done, nothing is wrong”. From this deadline, bets will no longer be accepted.


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Unlike American roulette, the First Diamond Edition Roulette has a single zero square, but no 00. Since zeros and double zeros are not considered black, red, even or odd, they very clearly change your ability to win every time you play on a full number or on several numbers at once: indeed, the dreaded zero and double zero will never enter these groups of numbers. Therefore, by choosing a roulette game with a single 0 like the First Roulette Diamond Edition, you significantly boost your chances of winning!

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Since the First Diamond Edition Roulette has no 00 square, your chances of getting the number right increase: you no longer have a chance on 37, but a chance on 37, which is much better! When you spend a whole day or an entire evening playing the Premier Roulette Diamond Edition Online 2022, it plays a very important role in terms of your statistics. So if you want to play for real money while optimizing your results, bet on the Premier Roulette Diamond Edition whenever you can!

The First online Roulette Diamond Edition is equipped with a particularly neat and realistic graphics: you will enjoy a total immersion in the game, with the same atmosphere and the same comfort as in a real casino. You will thus experience really intense emotions and very close to what you could feel in the real world! The Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is an ideal gaming space that will allow you to live a truly realistic experience at all levels! All you have to do is choose from the best casinos with Premier Roulette Diamond Edition online and let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere of the game...

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Do you want to play at the real money casino with Premier Roulette Diamond Edition online? Feeling safe and perfectly comfortable? Our team of professionals has searched, tested, ranked and referenced the best sites to find a reliable casino with Premier Roulette Diamond Edition online! You will know absolutely everything to make your choice in the best conditions!

There are so many casinos in ligne...Et some are not necessarily recommendable! So to choose your reliable casino with Premier Roulette Diamond Edition online and ensure that your online gaming experience remains a pleasant memory, we put at your disposal our analysis and our advice! Make your choice and play the First Diamond Edition Roulette online without worrying about the rest...Enjoy every moment, the excitement of every bet! It's so easy, you just have to make your choice from our selection of sites offering the First Roulette Diamond Edition online and you will be guaranteed to have a pleasant time. And quickly convert your winnings into real money!

To make your choice among the best casinos with Premier Roulette Diamond Edition online, all you have to do is let yourself be guided by specialists...

Frequently Asked Questions

Premier Diamond Roulette, what exactly is it?

This is a variant of roulette offered by Microgaming, a famous developer of online casino games. It has interesting features and a redesigned interface.

Is this game based on the same bets and rules as other roulette variants?

Yes. The Premier Diamond Edition roulette is not original on this side: it is based on the rules of European roulette, which it has not touched.

Does the Premier Diamond Edition roulette appeal to Internet users?

Yes. Players like its prestigious interface, its extremely realistic sound and graphic animations, and its very practical features.

What are its specificities?

In addition to its elegant graphics, the Premier Diamond Edition roulette differs from other roulette variants in its features. On the menu: a game history, statistics, a turbo mode, customization of your table, and the ability to save up to 6 bet configurations to save time.

Do these particularities have an impact on the chances of winning?

No. The chances of winning at Premier Diamond Edition roulette are exactly the same as at classic roulette.

Is using a system allowed on Premier Diamond Edition roulette tables?

Yes, you absolutely have the right to use a system if the heart tells you to. However, we are not fans of martingales, which are not very effective in our opinion.

Where can I play Premier Diamond Edition roulette?

On most of the online casinos of the Microgaming network. If you don't feel like looking for them on the web, pick from our list of the best casinos: there is only good!

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