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The number most feared by roulette enthusiasts is zero, which tips the odds in favor of the casino, and which can seriously damage your bankroll. But we have good news for those allergic to zero: some Canadian and foreign online casino sites offer No Zero roulette games. "No Zero" means no zero, and more chances of winning for you! Follow our tips to find the best No Zero online roulette sites and apps, or play immediately on Jackpot Party Casino , our favorite site.

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When roulette loses its zero: portrait of an original variant

All the originality of the No Zero roulette lies in the disappearance of the zero. You will therefore not find it either on the roulette cylinder or on the game board. The rules of the game, on the other hand, remain the same as in Canadian or European roulette. The games of roulette No Zero, on an online casino, take place in the same way as a classic roulette game. You must start by making your games, betting on one or more numbers. Then, you activate the cylinder by clicking on "play", and you wait for it to stop to find out if you have won. A real child's play!

The specifics of roulette No Zero


The fact that the No Zero roulette cylinder does not have a zero has very concrete and rather pleasant implications for players. The house advantage is much lower there than in all other roulette variants. If you play on the simple odds, you thus have a 50% chance of winning, and a 50% chance of losing... and the casino too. This is one of the few cases in which you will be on par with the casino, and you have to take advantage of it!

By comparison, in European roulette, your probability of winning is 48.65% on simple odds. In American roulette, which has not one, but two zeros, it is even worse: the house advantage is squarely doubled, even on this bet, which is undoubtedly the least risky of all. So many good reasons to test a No Zero roulette online casino very quickly, in Canada or elsewhere!

Roulette No Zero exists, online, in 100% virtual mode: you will therefore not find it on live casinos, which offer you to face dealers in the flesh. It's a shame, but maybe this game will be available in a live version in the near future.

How to bet on Roulette Without Zero

The bet that pays the most, on No Zero roulette casino sites as with all other roulette variants, is obviously the bet on a full number, or on a single number. This allows you to multiply your bet by 35; if you bet one dollar, you leave with 35 dollars. However, this is also the most dangerous bet.

If you want to put all the odds on your side, we advise you to bet, on the No Zero roulette online casino sites, on the simple odds. With this bet, you have a one in two chance of winning: you can hardly do better, in real money roulette!

How to bet on roulette No Zero

The possible bets, in roulette No Zero at the online casino, are exactly the same as in classic roulette. The winning ratios are also similar; what changes is your chances of winning, which are slightly increased. Here are the bets you can make on Canadian online casino sites :

  • The outside bets . Bet on 18 numbers with the single odds, or on 12 numbers with the column and the dozen.
  • The inside bets . They allow you to bet on 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 numbers, and bring you more money than outside bets.

Some strategy tips for beginners

Experts in the online casino and roulette without zero usually recommend that beginners start with the simple odds. By betting on even, odd, black, red, miss or pass, you have exactly a 50% chance of winning, which is very rare at an online casino. We also advise you to adopt good habits from the start, by managing your gambling capital with rigor. This is the key to success!

Extra sites, just for you!

By betting on the simple odds at roulette No Zero, you have exactly a 50% chance of winning, which is very rare at an online casino.

If you want to play No Zero roulette at the online casino, don't move: we have what you need! We have indeed selected for you the best of the online casino FR. sites on the menu: fair games, safe transactions, generous bonuses, loyalty programs full of surprises, and high-quality smartphone platforms. So, don't wait: register at a casino, download its mobile application or software, deposit dollar funds into your account, and make your games!

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Frequently asked questions

To avoid having zero points at the casino, read our FAQ on roulette No Zero: with the answers of our experts, you will make a flawless!

Roulette No Zero, what is it?

This is a variant of roulette that can only be found online. It has the originality of not having a zero box.

What do the table and stakes look like?

The table and the cylinder of roulette No Zero resemble those of Canadian or European roulette, with the difference, of course, that there is no zero. The stakes and the winning ratios are the same, but the winning probabilities are higher.

Is this game successful?

Yes, online casino enthusiasts love No Zero roulette, which gives them more chances to win. However, this variant is not offered by all online casino operators in Canada.

What are its peculiarities?

The absence of the zero square is the main peculiarity of this variant which, moreover, has the same rules as European or Canadian roulette for real money.

Are the winning probabilities interesting?

Yes, very! On simple odds, the house advantage is zero, which means that you have exactly one in two chances to win. We can hardly do better!

Are there any systems or martingales specifically designed for No Zero roulette?

No. If you are a martingale fan, you can use the same No Zero roulette systems at the online casino that you use to play classic roulette. However, we do not recommend it, because martingales have never proven themselves.

Where can we find this game?

Only on online casinos, because roulette without zero does not exist in traditional casinos. In addition, not all operators offer it; to find a quality address, consult the selection of our experts.