Multi-Canadian roulette

The Online Multi Wheel Roulette 2022 is a game that can be found today in many casinos, it allows in particular to spin several wheels at the same time! To fully understand how to win money at Multi Wheel Roulette online, follow our explanations and you will soon multiply your winnings. But before you sign up for a casino, read the advice of our experts. This will allow you to :

  • Find excellent sites, compatible with tablets and mobiles.
  • Master the rules of the game and the most interesting strategies.
  • Deposit funds securely and enjoy fast withdrawals.
  • Benefit from the best promotional offers on the web.

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A guide to playing and betting on MULTI WHEEL ROULETTE

As is the case with the European version of the roulette, the Multi Wheel Roulette mat is composed of several squares, numbered from zero to thirty-six, for a total of 37 numbers. These boxes are sometimes red and sometimes black, except for the zero which is green in color. The roulette wheel is surrounded by notches on which you can read the same numbers as on the playing mat, in random order and alternating red and black.

While traditional casters are only lined with a single row of numbers, on some Multi Wheel Roulette games, it is surrounded by several rows of numbers. By throwing the ball, you therefore multiply your chances of falling on the right number since it appears several times on the same roulette...Il there is also another possibility: that of rotating several separate casters valid for a single playmat. You bet and you can win not on one but on several wheels!

However, the way to bet remains the same as for traditional roulette: You must position your chips on the mat according to your strategy, your desire at the moment, the signs of fate...The important thing is that you have as much fun as possible! When you have made your bet, the dealer spins the cylinder on which the ball is located. The winner is the one who bet on the winning number.

Your chips can be placed wherever you want. On a digit, a set of digits...It's up to you to bet and move your chips. But be careful: when the dealer declares "Nothing is wrong anymore!", it's over! Bets and changes are no longer valid after this deadline.

ONLINE MULTI WHEEL ROULETTE: an original variant

Multi-caster games

In comparison to the game of traditional roulette , by playing Multi Wheel Roulette, you significantly increase your chances of winning! Every time you bet on a number or a set of numbers, you have the opportunity to win not on one, but on several wheels! When you want to play the exciting online Multi Wheel Roulette variant for real money, it's in your best interest to put all the odds on your side! And multiplying the opportunities to see your winning number is essential to get the hang of the game.

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Imagine how exhilarating it is to see all these Multi Wheel Roulette spinning at the same time...Imagine the strong emotions that exhilarate you knowing that you can win on several wheels at the same time! This multiplies the possibilities in an incredible way and you will not be able to do without it anymore! The online casino with Multi Wheel Roulette is already waiting for you...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-Wheel Roulette, how does it work?

As the name suggests, Multi-Wheel roulette is an online casino game that allows Internet users to play by spinning several cylinders at once.

Is this original game successful online?

Not a huge amount at the moment, but that should change. Multi-Wheel roulette is still a well-kept secret, which few Internet users know. In the coming years, the game will definitely gain popularity. All the more reason to get started today!

Does this variant use the same rules as classic roulette?

Yes. The only difference is that you can play several games simultaneously. Apart from that, Multi-Wheel roulette is based on the completely classic rules of European roulette.

What is the difference between Multi-Wheel roulette and the classic variants?

The major novelty of the Multi-Wheel roulette is the multiple roulette cylinders that can be rotated at a time.

Are the chances of winning more important than in normal roulette?

Not really. Since the bets and the winning ratios are the same, your chances of winning are quite similar.

Can we use a Multi-Wheel roulette strategy?

Yes, you absolutely have the right, and no one is going to come and check what you are doing behind your computer. However, we advise using martingales with caution, as they have never really proven their effectiveness.

Where can I play Multi-Wheel Roulette?

This innovative roulette variant is exclusively available online. No need to look for it in traditional casinos! We offer you a selection of the best Canadian Multi-Wheel roulette casinos, to help you make the right choice.

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