Discovering Multi-Ball roulette

Why play online roulette with a single ball when you can play with 10 balls at the same time? Multi-Ball roulette does not do things by halves, allowing you to multiply the bets and the chances of winning, all in one game. In this article, we take you to discover this game like no other and, as always, we entrust you with our best addresses. Our favorite Multi-Ball roulette online casino is Jackpot Party Casino , a really excellent site, word from experts! Like all our favorite casinos, it offers you :

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Multiply the pleasures with the Multi-Ball roulette

If you know roulette, you will know how to play Multi-Ball roulette without a problem. This game, available on the best online casino sites and on the best mobile applications, looks like two drops of water to European roulette... except that you can play it with several marbles at once. In all, you can play with 10 marbles, if you want. But be careful, this is not an obligation: you can play with 2, 3, 4 or 8 marbles if you prefer. It's up to you to see!

Once you have selected, on your favorite Canadian online casino, the desired number of balls, you can bet. Here, almost everything is possible: bet only on simple odds, try everything for the whole with a full number, or combine indoor and outdoor bets to increase your chances of winning.

The differences between Multi-Ball roulette and other roulette variants

Even though Multi-Ball roulette may seem extremely innovative, or even revolutionary, this game is not that different from the more classic variants. Here are the differences to remember :

  • Rule . In general, online casino Multi-Ball roulette games are based on the rules of European roulette, which itself is very similar to Canadian roulette. On this side, you will not have any surprises! The house advantage is therefore lower there than in American roulette, which is good news.
  • Interface . The interface of online Multi-Ball roulette casino sites also looks a lot like classic games. Everything is computerized, and there is no video transmission as in live dealer roulette games. The game is accessible in mobile version from tablet and mobile phone.
  • Gain . The winning ratios are again the same as in European roulette. The chances of winning are higher, however, as two balls cannot stop on the same number. The redistribution rate varies from one site to another.

A short guide to betting and winning probabilities

We are not going to go over all the possible bets on roulette, because there are a lot of them and, moreover, surely you already know them if you are a fan of online casino games. Here is a brief reminder of the main bets :

  • The outside bets . These are the bets on all the squares located on the outside of the game board, namely single chances, dozens and columns. These bets are the least risky, but they bring in less money than indoor bets. For example, with a column, you bet on 12 numbers, and can win your bet twice. A simple chance, on the other hand, pays you once your bet.
  • The inside bets . Indoor bets are placed, in online and "hard" casinos in Canada and around the world, on the numbers inside the table. On Multi-Ball roulette online casino sites, you can bet on 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 numbers, for win ratios between 5 and 35 times your bet.

What strategy to start with?


If you are taking your first steps on online casino sites, in Canada or abroad, we do not recommend that you start with Multi-Ball roulette. It is better that you get your first taste of classic roulette games before playing with 10 balls at the same time. So you will avoid losing big! And yes, dollars don't grow on trees.

Then, when you feel ready to start, limit yourself to outside bets, and don't bet on a single number, it's way too risky! Simple odds, i.e. bets on black, red, even, odd, miss, or pass, are ideal for starting out. We also advise you to bet only modest amounts, so as not to find yourself in the red too quickly. Also, don't hesitate to make the most of the free roulette games to learn the rules of the game at your fingertips, and install an application on your smartphone to train in your spare time.

Top sites for happy players!

Online casino Multi-Ball roulette is based on the rules of European roulette... with the difference that you can play with 10 marbles at a time!

If all this has made you want to test an online Multi-Ball roulette casino, do not rush to the first site that has come. You risk a lot of disappointments! We invite you, instead, to consult our selection of online casino sites, in Canada and abroad, which are part of the cream of the cream of real money games. You will find everything you need to play in good conditions, and much more.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything, everything, you will know everything about Multi-Ball roulette and the online casino with this FAQ, in which our specialists answer the questions that we are asked most often.

Multi-Ball Roulette, how does it work?

Multi-Ball Roulette is an innovative variant of real money roulette that allows players to play with several balls at the same time. It is found on some online casinos, and it is based on the rules of European roulette.

Can we bet the same way as in European roulette?

Yes. On this side, there is no difference, and you can place your bets in the same way as in European or Canadian roulette.

Is this variant successful with Internet users?

Multi-Ball roulette is still quite little known to the general public, because it is not offered by all online casinos. However, Canadian and foreign players who have tested it are often very impressed by this original game.

What are its specificities?

The fact that you can play with several balls, which is unique in the world of online casino. This gives a little extra advantage to the players, because it is impossible for two marbles to land on the same square.

Are the winning probabilities different than in the other variants?

The odds of winning are a little higher than in Canadian or European roulette, if you play with several balls at once. The gain ratios are the same.

Can we use a system or a martingale?

Yes, nothing prevents you from doing so. However, this is probably not a good idea, because martingales don't work. The best strategy is a well-managed bankroll!

Where can I play Multi-Ball roulette?

Only on Multi-Ball roulette online casino sites. This game is indeed not offered by traditional gambling halls. Check out our selection of top sites in dollar to find the ideal operator!