Canadian roulette Gold: portrait of a golden game

Are you a fan of Canadian roulette but do you want a little change? Try Canadian roulette Gold at an online casino: this variant has just enough innovations to spice up the game without upsetting the rules.

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Play Canadian Roulette

The "Canadian Roulette Gold", quézaco?

Canadian Roulette Gold is a roulette variant imagined by the famous casino game developer Microgaming. For more than twenty years, the British company, which is based on the Isle of Man, has been creating innovative real money casino online games. To meet the needs of players around the world, it is reinventing the great classics.

The Canadian Roulette Gold online casino sites are thus one of the testimonies of Microgaming's thirst for innovation. This game, based on Canadian roulette, is a luxurious and original version of the traditional game. You will only find it on the Canadian roulette Gold online casino sites, and nowhere else.

The features of the Canadian Roulette Gold game

To help you play at the Canadian roulette Gold online casino, we have summarized here its main features and special features :

  • This game has very high quality graphics and ultra-realistic sound animations.
  • There roulette table is customizable , and we can adjust "the cameras" to make the most of the game.
  • An "AutoPlay" feature " is available: it allows you to play the same bets several games in a row, fully automatically.
  • The Expert mode offers advanced features for managing bets and tokens.
  • The rules of the game and the winning ratios are the same as in Canadian roulette, as it is practiced in casinos in Canada and around the world.
  • The game is 100% virtual , of course, unlike live dealer roulette games, in which you can face "real" dealers.

A short guide to betting

As for the stakes and win reports, the Canadian Gold roulette, at the online casino, does not hold any surprises for you. The rules are indeed exactly the same as those of classic Canadian roulette: if you know how to play it, you are ready to start a game of Canadian Roulette Gold in dollars, on your smartphone, your computer or your tablet! Here are the possible bets, and what they can bring you :

  • Full number . The riskiest bet of all is to bet on a single number. It pays you 35 times your stake.
  • On horseback . Bet on two numbers to win 17 times your bet.
  • Crossbar . A cross is three numbers, and 11 times the bet if we saw it right.
  • Squaré . With the square, you bet on 4 numbers; at the end, 8 times your initial bet.
  • Sixain . The sixth consists of betting on 6 numbers. This bet can earn you 5 times your stake.
  • Column and dozen . These bets on 12 numbers allow you to multiply your bet by 3.
  • Simple odds . Simple odds are bets on 18 numbers, which pay you the equivalent of your bet.

Our strategy for getting started


If you are just starting out, avoid indoor bets, i.e. bets on 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 numbers. These bets can pay off big, it's obvious, but, on all online casino sites, at Canadian Roulette Gold or classic roulette, they are also very risky. With outside bets, you immediately increase your chances of winning. The sums that can be won are more modest, but the game is worth the candle, especially for beginners.

Outside bets are bets on columns and dozens, and simple odds. This last bet, which consists of betting on even or odd numbers, red or black, from 1 to 18 and from 19 to 36, offers the lowest house advantage. In our opinion, this is the best strategy for aspiring roulette players.

Just bet with our selection of exceptional sites

Playing at the Canadian rouette Gold online casino is not taken lightly. Bet on the right number by opting for one of the Canadian online casino sites that we have chosen for you. These exceptional Canadian operators allow you to play in very good conditions on mobile or computer, by downloading an online casino application or software for real money.

Canadian Roulette Gold has extremely neat graphics and many features, such as Expert mode, Autoplay mode, or customization of the game board.

With , the best online casino online in Canada is just a click away! Discover our online Canadian Roulette Gold casino sites, test them for free, and sign up to play and win nice sums in dollars. May the best one win!

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Frequently asked questions

Before playing Canadian Roulette Gold, read our frequently asked questions. She will tell you everything you need to know about the subject!

How do we play Canadian roulette Gold?

Canadian Roulette Gold is a classic Canadian roulette game. What is innovative is the interface, the quality of the sound and graphic animations, and some features.

Are the rules of the game the same?

Yes. The online casino sites of Canadian Roulette Gold use the most classic rules of Canadian roulette. The ratios and the winning probabilities are therefore the same.

Is this game successful online?

Canadian Roulette Gold enjoys a certain success among fans of real money table games. As it is not offered by all operators, however, its success remains quite confidential.

What are its peculiarities?

Extremely neat graphics and many features, such as Expert mode, Autoplay mode, or customization of the game board.

Are the chances of winning the same as in classic Canadian roulette?

Yes. They are absolutely the same, because Canadian roulette Gold is based on the same rules as classic Canadian roulette, and uses the same cylinder and the same number of numbers.

Are we allowed to use a system or a martingale?

Yes, on online casino sites, we have every right to do so, and no one will come to check what you are doing behind your computer. However, we do not recommend it, because martingales and roulette systems do not work.

On which casinos can we find this game?

You will find it among the operators of the Microgaming network who want to offer several different roulette variants to their customers.