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There are dozens of online roulette sites on the web today. Not all of them are of high quality, quite the contrary, and too many Internet users let themselves be charmed by the sirens of dishonest operators, ready to do anything to extract their money from them. It is to prevent you from falling into this trap that our team of casino experts has tested dozens and dozens of online casinos.

So put all the odds on your side and really win money by playing at online casinos, with the sites chosen by . You will discover there :

  • 100% honest and reliable sites, which protect your data and guarantee fair games.
  • Applications and games without downloading to play on mobile and tablet.
  • How to find the best welcome bonuses.
  • Tips on strategy and the rules of the different games.

Every month we choose a site for you : Jackpot Party Casino is our favorite casino of the moment!

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The invention of roulette is attributed to Blaise Pascal, during the XVII ° century. Some say, however, that the roulette would come from China...Anyway, it is indeed the Canadian mathematician who has contributed to making this game an attraction present in all the casinos in the world! Today, roulette is a game symbolizing the image of the casino worldwide, because it alone illustrates the image of luck, movement, chance...

For the past century, roulette enthusiasts have been growing in number around the world. With the appearance of the 0 and sometimes the 00, roulette becomes an increasingly difficult game over time.

Today, the creation of the casino with online roulette makes it possible to revolutionize the world of gambling. Now everyone can play for real money anywhere and anytime, from a computer, tablet , phone .

Playing online roulette 2022 has never been easier. All you have to do is log in and bet to try your luck. For real money or on the free version, everyone can feel the thrill of the game and live great moments thanks to online roulette!

To play at the real money casino with online roulette, you just need to understand its laws and strategies well.


Roulette and money

To play roulette online, start by observing the game board: it has different squares on which you can read numbers that range from 36 to 0. The double zero box is reserved for American roulette. Some boxes are red and others are black. The famous roulette cylinder is installed on the gaming table; on each of its notches, you can read the same numbers as those written on the carpet.

If you want to play roulette online, you will have to bet: Each player can bet chips representing real money on one or more numbers, or on a group of numbers of his choice. For example, on the numbers in the first column, on black or odd ones...As you please.

The dealer will then throw the ball. Then, suspense... the cylinder rotates, rotates and when the ball comes to rest on a square, you know if you have won, and how much you have won. Of course, if you bet on the specific number that just came out, you win more than by betting on an entire group of numbers.

At each table there is a maximum bet and a minimum bet. You can bet your chips as you like until the dealer utters his well-known refrain. After this period, bets are not taken into account. That's it, you know the basic rules for playing online roulette!

So do not hesitate to practice and try your luck with real money at your favorite casino. Playing roulette online allows you to experience strong emotions and win big! Provided you find a reliable casino with online roulette!


The house edge is not the same for all roulette variants. Canadian roulette and European roulette are thus more interesting for players than American roulette, which has a double zero in addition. In Canadian roulette, when you bet on a full number, you have a one in 37 chance of winning, whereas in American roulette, you only have a one in 38 chance. The house advantage is therefore 2.70% for European or Canadian roulette, and climbs up to 5.26% for the American version.

We also advise you not to bet on a full number, because your chances of winning are far too slim. It is better to opt for simple odds, namely even or odd, black or red, miss or pass: the winnings are more modest, for sure, but the chances are more important.


Do you think that, to play roulette online, you must necessarily be nailed in front of your computer? Think again! On the contrary, the casino has never been as mobile as it is today. The best gambling halls have thus all launched mobile versions. There are two solutions: first, Flash casinos, which allow you to play directly inside your mobile's internet browser. The advantage? No-download casinos are compatible with all smartphones and tablets on the market.

The second solution is mobile applications. You will find them more rarely on online casinos, but they have the advantage of providing an optimal gaming experience. The applications are generally compatible with Android, iPad and iPhone, more rarely with Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

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Best roulette games

To give you the opportunity to play online roulette in optimal conditions, we have examined from top to bottom and the most secure and effective virtual casino software and platforms. Isn't that beautiful? Not only will you be able to play in good conditions, but you may be able, if you are lucky, to win nice sums. So, quickly quickly quickly: discover without further ado our reviews and our guides of the best casino sites with online roulette!

Thanks to , online roulette will have no more secrets for you!

Choose your table, your atmosphere, play for real money and win. Let luck smile at you and feel the chills run through your body! Finding the roulette site of your dreams online is now a breeze!

We have referenced the top roulette on the internet, in order to help you play in great safety conditions, and so that you can enjoy every moment while being certain that you are in the online roulette casino of your dreams!

Is playing for real money mandatory or not?

No, of course not! All good online casinos offer free games, which you can access without even registering. This is very good news for beginners, who will be able to train before launching for real money, but also for anyone who wants to test several sites before choosing one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online roulette games, how does it work?

When you access an online roulette table, you must start by betting on one or more numbers, choosing a real money amount. Then, you have to click on "spin" to rotate the cylinder... and wait to find out if we won.

Are the draws really random?

Normally, yes. The really honest sites use random number generators that make it possible to manufacture randomness and ensure fair and equitable draws.

Where to find the best roulette games?

On the best sites, of course. As these are sometimes difficult to identify, we have made for you a small selection of our favorite casino operators. All you have to do is serve yourself!

Is online roulette very different from live roulette?

Yes and no. Yes, because we don't play against a dealer, alongside other players. No, because the rules are the same: so you won't have any surprises!

Is online roulette in vogue?

Yes, very. It is one of the essential games, which casinos always add to their catalog to the delight of Internet users, in Canada and abroad.

Can we win big sums at online roulette?

Yes, absolutely. It's not necessarily easy, but it's possible! In fact, it all depends on how much you bet and what kind of bet you make. For example, if you bet 50 dollars on a full number and you win, you leave with 1750 dollars. However, this is a risky bet, be careful!

Can I use my favorite martingale?

Why not, if you care. Online casinos absolutely do not prevent their members from using systems and martingales. Note that this is not our preferred method, because we believe that this type of strategy does not work.

Can casino operators really be trusted?

Yes, we can rely on good online gambling sites, which make safety, fairness and quality their priorities. You will find excellent examples of this in our selection of Canadian casinos.

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