Online keno from A to Z

When the lottery meets the casino, it gives keno, a game of chance that has its origins in ancient China and is practiced in many countries, including Canada. Even if it is not the most popular game on online casino sites, keno remains a safe bet, a simple game that allows you to vary the pleasures between two games of roulette or blackjack. Play in good conditions on Jackpot Party Casino , our favorite site, follow our guide and discover :

  • The exciting history of this game, from antiquity to modern casinos.
  • Our selection of reliable and honest bingo and keno sites.
  • Our tips for rounding up your end of the month by playing keno for real money.

How to play keno

Keno is a childishly simple game. Each player receives a keno sheet, on which 80 numbers are written; he must decide how much to bet, and choose between 1 and 20 numbers. The online keno casino then proceeds to the draw and distributes its winnings to the player, according to the number of numbers that he correctly guessed. And that's it!

Canadian players have two solutions to play keno for real money. They can play it in a "classic" way, with the Canadian Games, by buying a grid in one of the many points of sale in Canada. Today there are two daily keno draws, which are broadcast on the website of the French games.

The second solution is even simpler; it consists of going to an online keno site, open at any time of the day or night, and playing completely virtual. As the draws take place immediately, you don't have to wait for hours to know the results: it's an ideal solution for the most impatient players!

A little history of keno


It is in ancient China that, it is said, keno would find its origins. Some historians believe that the ancestor of keno appeared in the Han dynasty, two centuries before our era. The profits from the game would have been used in particular for the construction of the Great Wall of China. However, it was not until the end of the 19th century that China introduced an official lottery; keno was then called báigē piào and was played with the first 80 characters of the Qianziwen , the Classic of a Thousand Characters .

The game then arrives in the United States in the suits of Chinese immigrants who came to participate in the construction of the first transcontinental railway. It was then renamed "keno", a term derived from the Canadian "quine", which means "five winning numbers". For a long time practiced informally in Canada, it made its official appearance on September 10, 1993, the date of the first keno draw by the Française des Jeux. Then, with the revolution of the web, online keno casino sites were created, to the delight of gambling enthusiasts.

What strategy to start playing keno?

Talking about strategy, in keno, is quite difficult. This cousin of lotto and bingo is indeed a game of total chance, and you have no way of influencing the course of a game. So we have to rely on chance, and that's it!

Where a strategy is required, on the other hand, is in terms of bankroll management. The key, so that your gaming capital does not shrink like a skin of sorrow, is to manage it with an iron fist. This is easier said than done, we are well aware of it! However, there are some simple and very useful rules: never put more than 5% of your capital in dollars at stake on a single keno game, and stop playing when you feel that you are getting angry or tired.

The wisest bets

In keno, each player has his "tricks": some choose numbers at random, while others always select the same ones, out of superstition. Checking the numbers of your phone number or the date of birth of your children, or relying on random 100% is the same anyway. With each draw, the odds return to 0, and each number is as likely to be drawn as another.

However, our experts at the online casino in Canada recommend that you avoid betting on one or two numbers. The more numbers you choose, the more chances you have to win, it's mathematical! The prize pools may be smaller, but it's much less risky.

Finally, always choose to play keno at a quality online casino. The payout rates, that is to say the money given by the casino to the winners, are indeed often very low in keno, especially on dishonest websites.

Find the best keno sites

With payout rates ranging from 60%, in the worst case, up to 95%, on the best sites, keno is a very uneven game. There are very good online keno casino sites, and real disasters. To avoid playing fake or uninteresting games, choose a trusted site.

The easiest way to play keno in Canada is to visit a quality online casino: as the draws are immediate, you won't have to wait!

The FR operators tested and approved by our experts, for example, are very good choices, because they offer you generous payout rates, nice bonuses in dollars, as well as foolproof security. You will also find a wide range of online casino games in Canadian, from bingo to slot machines, lottery games, poker, blackjack and roulette. Go quickly and make your games there!

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Frequently asked questions

Our casino experts answer the questions that our readers most often ask us about keno, a fairly unknown game in Canada: an essential read to put all the odds on your side!

Online keno, how does it work?

The rules of online keno are the same as those of traditional keno, although there may be some small differences from one site to another. It is necessary to select, on a grid, the winning numbers, which are immediately drawn by lot by the casino software.

Where to play keno on the web?

On quality Canadian casino online sites. As these unfortunately do not run the streets, opt for one of the FR operators that we have selected for you. Quality guaranteed!

Is keno successful in Canada?

It cannot be said that keno is immensely popular in Canada, but it enjoys a certain success, thanks to the two daily draws of the Canadian games. Online, the game is more difficult to impose itself against slot machines and table games.

Can we make a lot of money?

Yes, it is possible, but you should know that keno is one of the games that offer the least chances of winning to players, because of fairly low payout rates. You have more chances to win nice sums in blackjack or poker.

Do keno tournaments exist?

No. On online casino sites, keno is a game that is played alone, in front of a software, and there are no keno tournaments.

How do I know if the games are fair?

On honest sites, keno games are fair. The best operators use quality random number generators, which guarantee 100% random draws.