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A smiling dealer, a real roulette table, webcams and your computer, this is the winning recipe for roulette games with dealers, which are wildly successful at online casinos.

Do you want to start playing live roulette? Do not register with an operator without reading this page. Here's what you'll find there :

  • The advantages offered by live roulette tables.
  • What a strategy to adopt to win nice sums.
  • How to find the safest and most interesting casinos on the web.

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Mastering the rules of online roulette is not an easy thing when you are starting out. And yet, it only takes a little work to understand how the game works and optimize its chances. As not all Internet users make the effort to break the rules of the game, you will be one step ahead of the others if you seriously study the rules. It's not that complicated, we promise!

The first thing to do is to study the game board. On the carpet are inscribed red and black numbers that go from 0 to 36. In the case of American roulette, there is also a double zero. The roulette cylinder, on the other hand, is equipped with squares that correspond to the numbers of the table. The goal of the game is therefore to bet on the number that comes out once the cylinder stops. Um, that's not that simple, because you only have a one in 37 chance of seeing right. Fortunately, you can bet on a combination of numbers: on all even numbers, for example, or all red numbers.

You can bet by placing as many chips as you want on the squares you want, within the maximum and minimum limit of the table. You can bet all the time, even when the roulette wheel is spinning, until the “nothing is wrong” is pronounced by the dealer. After this period, the bets will not be valid. If you are playing at the real money online casino with roulette and a real dealer, you will need to be very vigilant about this in order to manage your capital well.


- European roulette: it has 36 boxes and a 0. It is the most advantageous and if you are just starting out, you have every interest in choosing it as a priority. When the 0 comes out and the bet was simple (placed on a group of numbers like the red ones, for example), the winnings go to a box called "prison”. Either the player shares 50% with the casino, or he decides to leave the winnings in prison and he will only be able to pocket them by winning the next move. Otherwise, the casino keeps the bet.

- American roulette : it has 36 boxes, a 0 and a 00. You have less chance of winning with this variant.

To succeed at live dealer roulette, follow the advice of !

-English roulette: when the 0 comes out, the bets go to jail and lose half their value. And so on every time the 0 comes out.

-Royal roulette: this version offers a progressive jackpot. Indeed, the stakes increase by one dollar each round for each player. The player who wins several times in a row with the same number wins ever larger jackpots.

All versions of online roulette with real dealer are available. You will be able to make your selection among the best casinos with real dealer online roulette present on the internet.

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Real money roulette

Here are our tips for developing a shock strategy and winning big sums :

-There is no miracle recipe for winning every time at the casino. If you can improve your chances, there is no surefire way to win with a game that relies entirely on chance.

-To have a better score, do not play with a roulette wheel with a 00 square. This box alone lowers your chance of winning from one in thirty-seven to one in thirty-eight. It doesn't seem like anything, but over time, when you string the parts together, it ends up having its little effect...

-The longer you play, the more you will lose. This is the elementary rule of roulette. So if you feel that luck is for you, take advantage of it for a relatively short while but don't hope to multiply your starting bet infinitely, the statistics definitely play against you.

- Never gamble more than you can afford to lose. Set a precise budget and have fun playing, knowing that you will not risk anything by losing this money. Good if you win. But always keep in mind that you are playing for the sake of adrenaline, tension, sensation. And certainly not to lose your material security there. Playing at the real money online casino with roulette and a real dealer is incredibly fun when you know your limits, and you know how to control yourself.

-Your intuition is worth all the martingales in the world. Provided you are in a reliable casino with real dealer online roulette at real dealer


In order to help you play on quality sites, we have chosen the top virtual roulette operators offering live dealer games. To round off your end of the month, to feel the thrills running through you, to take your foot by playing like in a "real casino", our guides and comparisons of online roulette sites with real dealer are your best allies!

Choose your casino, play for real money, win. It's that simple! The best of the internet casino and roulette with real dealer is just a few clicks away: quickly discover our rankings and our reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a live dealer roulette game take place?

Like in a "real" casino. The dealer asks the players to make their games, then spins the roulette wheel. Once the ball is immobilized, he or she announces the result and tells the players how much they have won.

Is it safe to play it?

On safe sites, yes, without any problems. The best operators make sure that the dealers are real pros, and they secure the financial transactions and confidential data of the players.

Is this game mode popular?

Yes, live roulette is very fashionable! The popularity of this type of games should continue to grow in the coming years.

When are live casinos open?

All the time! The companies that manage this type of game usually have studios spread over several continents, in order to offer roulette games continuously.

Is it possible to play live roulette on a smartphone?

It depends. A few developers offer mobile-friendly live roulette games, but they are still rare. With the tremendous success of live games, things should evolve.

Can we test the games in demo mode before playing?

No. On the other hand, we can observe a game for a while before starting to play. We recommend it if you are just starting out.

Do we really have the right to use a roulette system?

Yes, the casinos allow it. For them, it doesn't change anything! By the way, you can do whatever you want behind your computer: you can watch the dealers, but they can't see you.