Online Craps 2022 in Canada


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Craps has as its ancestor a game named "hazard" whose origin is not clearly known. It is said to have been invented during the Crusades, by Sir William of Tyre. It is also possible that craps has an Arabic origin, because linguistics allows us to make a connection between "hazard" and "al zar" which means "from" in Arabic. Anyway, the "hazard" was very successful in England and when this game was imported to Canada, it would have been renamed "craps".

The Craps 2022 version has the particularity of allowing other players to bet, and not just the dice thrower. Today, this game is a worldwide success and we bet phenomenal amounts of money on it in all the largest casinos in the world.

And thanks to the internet, everyone can now play in a casino with Craps and win big! So to choose well and feel safe, read this article carefully, you will know everything you need to play and win at a reliable online casino with Craps!


Craps and clover

Craps is a game of dice. The dice thrower must beat the casino while the other players bet on whether he will succeed or not. Each roll of the dice will indicate whether each bettor is a winner, a loser, if the move is void and must be replayed, or if the result is suspended.

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At the first roll of the dice, everyone bets on whether the thrower will pass the first stage or not.

  • If he gets a 2, a 3 or a 12, it's craps and the pitcher doesn't pass.
  • If he gets a 7 or an 11, the pitcher wins, as well as all those who bet on “pass”.
  • If he gets a 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 10, this determines the point that the pitcher must reach again. So we move on to the second phase of the game.
  • From that moment on, bets can no longer be moved, they can only be increased on "pass” and decreased or withdrawn on “do not pass”.

    The thrower rolls the dice again.

    If he makes the point again, he wins as well as all those who had bet on “pass”. If he takes out a 7, he loses as well as all those who had bet on "pass”. Bettors who bet on “do not pass" win. And so we change the dice thrower. If he does not make either a 7 or the point, he must roll the dice again until he gets them.

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Craps is a game of pure chance, which means that your knowledge and skills only play a very limited role in a game. The house edge varies depending on the bets you place. Here are some examples :

  • You bet on "Pass" or "Come": the house advantage is 1.41%.
  • You choose "Don't pass" or "Don't come": the casino advantage is only 1.36%.
  • With "Place 6" or "Place 8", the house has an advantage of 1.52%.
  • Are you betting "Place 5" or "9"? In this case, the house advantage is 4%.
  • Are you feeling confident and are you betting on a "Hard 6" or a "Hard 8"? Be aware that the house has a 9.09% higher chance of winning than you.
  • If you try an "Any Seven", the house advantage climbs up to 16.67%.

What strategies to start at the online casino with craps?

Craps is the game that offers the player the best chances of winning. Indeed, the casino has the lowest odds among all the games available and that's why you can win big by learning to play finely! At the Craps casino, it's all about subtlety in the way you bet...

-Betting on “do not pass” presents the best chances of winning over time. If it is not always easy to bet against other players in this way and put up with their disapproving looks, you can take advantage of online craps to bet against the pitcher in peace from home.

-When a point has been determined, you can play an Odds Bet, i.e. take a double probability on a single bet already made by adding an additional bet. This trick is very little known and casinos do not highlight it because it does not benefit them at all. On the contrary, it reduces its rib...When playing at the real money casino with Craps, it is necessary to know the tricks that make all the difference and this one is one of weight!


Online casinos have made a lot of progress since their appearance in the 90s. Today, they are available in a mobile version, which allows casino lovers to play wherever they like. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can play craps at the coffee table, in the dentist's waiting room, lying on your bed or on the bus.

To make your tablet or smartphone a miniature casino, you will have to download an application or register on a Flash casino. The disadvantage of the applications is that they are generally only compatible with Android, iPhone and iPad, while Flash games work on all operating systems.

How to find THE casino with Craps online?

Online craps

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do online casino players like craps?

Yes, even if it's not their favorite game. It must be said that craps has a tough competition: poker, blackjack and roulette often overshadow it. However, it should be noted that online casinos have made it possible to democratize this game.

On which sites can we play craps?

There are many online casino sites. As not all Canadian sites offer craps games, refer to our selection to find a craps site.

What is the main difference between online craps and classic craps?

Flexibilitý. Online casinos are open at any time of the day or night, and are accessible from tablets, smartphones and computers. When it comes to craps, the rules are exactly the same, even if the games are 100% virtual.

How much money can you win at the craps tables?

A lot or very little, it depends! The bigger the stakes, the bigger the winnings will be, obviously. The possible winnings also vary depending on the type of bet that is made and the payout rate practiced by the online casino.

Do craps tournaments exist?

Not really, although some casinos organize contests and challenges. Online craps is played solo, against a virtual or real dealer, depending on the case.

Should we use a system or a strategy?

No, it is not mandatory. In Canada, it's not forbidden either, and you can do as you want! Martingales rarely work, so don't rely too much on these so-called "miracle" strategies.

Are the card draws really random?

Yes, and fortunately! All trusted casino operators use reliable software, which uses random number generators. These create randomness and allow random card draws to be made.