Our top 2022 payment methods for online casino

Real money deposits

To deposit funds into a casino account, we are spoiled for choice. If you get lost between credit cards, prepaid cards, transfers of all kinds and electronic wallets, our guides will be able to enlighten you. In addition to our advice, we offer you a selection of exceptional real money casinos.

We have obviously preferred operators who accept a wide range of payment methods, to make your life easier. The one that, in our opinion, offers the best choice of deposit options to Canadian players is The Right Casino. Go and test it quickly: we are sure that it will meet all expectations, and much more!

  • With our guides, become incollable on deposits and withdrawals in dollars at casinos.
  • Compare the operation and advantages of different payment methods.
  • Learn to recognize quality sites, which guarantee secure transactions.
  • Discover the top online gambling sites of 2022.


Thanks to Registrydepot.ca , depositing real money into your casino account is a breeze!

The deposit methods of online casinos do not always work in Canada. The game rooms are indeed aimed at Internet users living in many countries. It is therefore essential to select a casino that supports a payment method used in Canada in 2022. Here are the top deposit options, which you will find at the best operators :

  • paysafecard


    Paying online as if you were paying in cash is possible with Paysafecard, a very convenient prepaid card. Find out where to get it and how it works with our very complete guide.

  • paypal


    The most famous of the electronic wallets is accepted by many online casinos. Our experts explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of this essential payment method.

  • MasterCard


    The days when it was impossible to pay by MasterCard online in good security conditions are over. Today, it is one of the most widespread deposit options for the online casino. Follow the guide!

  • skrill


    Read without further ado our guide to Skrill, an electronic wallet less known than PayPal but very present on online casinos: it is therefore an excellent alternative to bank cards.

  • Ukash voucher

    Ukash voucher

    Our specialists in online casino payment methods tell you everything about Ukash, a prepaid card that was bought by Paysafecard in 2016, and its advantages and disadvantages.

  • visa


    To make deposits and withdrawals with confidence with your Visa card, follow the advice of our casino pros. As a bonus, discover a list of our favorite operators, all of which support the Visa card.

  • neteller


    In the family of e-wallets, here is Neteller, a payment method that is accepted by dozens of excellent online casinos. Check out our guide to find out how this e-wallet works and the highlights.

  • debit-card

    Debit card

    Playing at the online casino with a debit card is possible! To find out how to do this and which site to choose, quickly delve into our guide to online debit card payments.

  • credit-card

    Credit card

    Before drawing your credit card and depositing funds into your casino account, check out this short guide: you will find very useful information there, which will help you combine gaming and security.

  • bank transfer

    Bank transfer

    Bank transfers will no longer have any secrets for you thanks to the explanations of our experts: an essential reading for fans of this convenient payment method!

  • ecocard


    Here is another payment method that allows you to deposit funds into your casino account without using your credit card. Quickly discover EcoCard, the card launched by the company ecoPayz, which is accepted throughout the MasterCard network.

  • american express

    American Express

    There is not only Visa and MasterCard in life: there is also the American Express credit card, supported by very good casino sites. To find out more, quickly discover our guide!



For you, we have selected the casinos offering the most deposit methods. They offer you payment options that combine security, speed and ease of use. So you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for and, in a few clicks, you will be able to fund your account and start playing your favorite game for real money, depending on whether or not you have a bank account or a credit card. The sites we have chosen are also among the best Canadian online casinos: they guarantee you safe payments and offer you to real money games varied and quality.


What are the criteria to take into account when choosing a payment method?

It is necessary to take into account the speed and security of transactions, and the choice offered by your operator. To play online at the casino, not all deposit methods are equal. Bank transfers are thus very secure but quite slow, while e-wallets are fast and reliable, but require you to create an account. It's up to you to weigh the pros and cons of each payment method!

What are the most reliable and safe options?

On trusted online casino sites, all payment and withdrawal methods are safe. So the whole point is to choose a quality operator! To find out which site to choose, check out our selection of the best online casinos in Canada in 2022.

Which payment methods are the fastest?

Credit cards, e-wallets and prepaid cards. These payment methods guarantee you immediate transactions. Conventional bank transfers, on the other hand, are slower: they take from two to four working days at least. In the case of withdrawals, you will have to be even more patient, because the operators impose processing times of 48 hours.

Is it better to opt for an electronic wallet or for a debit or credit card?

It depends on your situation. Electronic wallets such as Skrill or PayPal have the advantage of being extremely secure, as they allow you to pay in dollars without indicating your online banking details. On the best online casino sites, you can also pay by credit card without worry, as they use excellent security measures.

Is it mandatory to have a credit card to play online?

No. Many casinos allow you to deposit real money using alternative payment methods such as e-wallets, which you can fund by bank transfer, or prepaid cards, which you can get at tobacconists. Players who do not have a credit card, or who prefer not to use their credit card online, will therefore also be able to play their favorite games.

How do I withdraw my winnings?

By selecting one of the withdrawal methods offered by your operator. The choice of withdrawal options is much more limited than that of deposit methods, for several reasons. Some payment methods, such as prepaid cards, simply cannot be used for withdrawals. In addition, in some countries, operators are obliged by law to accept only one withdrawal method, usually bank transfer.

Does the choice of possible payment methods depend on the country where I live?

Yes. Some payment methods only work in one or more countries. As most online casinos welcome Internet users from all over the world, the payment methods offered may not be supported in Canada. By indicating your country of residence, you will get a list of available deposit and withdrawal methods.