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Bonuses and bonuses, how to take advantage of them?

Online casinos are full of ideas to seduce you and one of them is to give you different types of bonuses depending on the situation. A bonus is a sum of money given for free by the online casino and which allows you to play without spending your own money. You can, for example, test the casino without the slightest risk to your budget. To receive a generous welcome bonus is to put all the cards on your side to get off to a good start in the world of online casino.

To effectively take advantage of the best bonuses from online casinos, improve your chances and start winning money, learn how to differentiate between the different types of bonuses and understand how you can get them. Thanks to our guide on bonuses, you will learn :

  • Where to find the most interesting bonuses and promotions.
  • How to unlock welcome bonuses.
  • How to make the most of the loyalty programs of Canadian casino operators.

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Not all online casinos accept Canadian players, and that's why you will have to be very vigilant about choosing the gaming platform that will be yours! The casinos offering the best bonuses to the Canadian are rare but they exist and we have referenced them for you! We have compared the best online casino sites, to see which bonuses you can claim and how it will improve your winnings over time.

To really enjoy the best bonuses of online casinos 2022 when you are a Canadian player, you should not leave anything to chance! So take the time to discover our comparisons and our analyses, because they will save you precious time. The best online casino bonuses are at your fingertips! And we will be able to advise you effectively to turn every gaming opportunity into winnings to be cashed out as soon as possible!

A good strategy is calculated as soon as possible, and with the most relevant information in hand! So find out more, read our articles and reviews about the best online casino bonuses 2022 and you will quickly see your winnings reach new heights!


You can get different types of bonuses :

- The no deposit bonus. To thank you for taking the step to register, it is common for the online casino with the best real money bonuses to give you a welcome bonus without you having to deposit money first! Your account is thus directly credited and you will therefore be able to see how the casino software works for free. And why not win without having spent a single penny of your money...The best online casino bonuses will allow you to really take the time to discover the tables and the game that suits you best.

- The welcome bonus. You have deposited money for the first time on the online casino account with the best real money bonuses found thanks to us and to thank you, the casino will increase your starting budget by multiplying it by two, three and sometimes four! However, do not forget that you could only take advantage of this bonus once!

- The loyalty bonus. Reserved for regular players, who spend several hundred dollars a month at the online casino and are therefore considered VIP players. Online casinos with the best bonuses know how to reward their players and offer, for example, VIP gaming tables, but also gifts and trips.

- The referral bonus. You invite a friend to discover this real money online casino with the best bonuses and you will be thanked for it with a bonus. - The bonus in free play time. Rather than giving you money to spend, the online casino with the best bonuses can give you a completely free hour of play at its tables.

Take the time to choose the real money online casino with the best bonuses that offers the best benefits, because they are the ones that will allow you to really make a difference and significantly improve your winnings over time.

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The danger, when looking for the most interesting bonus offer, is to be seduced by the offers that are, in appearance at least, the most generous. And in general, casino operators are doing their best to attract barges: they often promise welcome bonuses of several hundred dollars, as well as deposit bonuses and nice loyalty clubs. However, it would be naive to think that all casinos keep their promises: many sites are unfortunately only scams, and it is important to inform yourself before registering. explains how to take advantage of the most generous bonuses on the web.

Fortunately, you are not alone in the online casino adventure. The whole team of does its best to select truly excellent sites for you, which implement state-of-the-art security procedures, and which take the casino very seriously. If you don't know where to turn, all you have to do is pick from our list of the best internet casinos, or compare their bonus offers thanks to our detailed reviews. There is no need to say, with , you are in good hands!

Frequently Asked Questions

Casino bonuses, how does it work?

The most common bonuses on Canadian online casinos are deposit bonuses that multiply your first transfer to your casino account by two or three times. These bonuses are not paid immediately to your account: you must "unlock" them by playing for real money.

Can all players really enjoy it?

In general, yes. However, some operators impose restrictions on their bonuses, and exclude certain countries from their promotional offers. Rest assured: Canada is rarely one of the unlucky countries, and you will be able to take advantage of welcome, birthday, referral and cash-back bonuses.

If I register at a casino, am I entitled to a bonus?

Yes, and even probably to several. You will receive your first bonus by registering at a casino. Operators also offer deposit bonuses, birthday bonuses or referral bonuses.

Is it possible to get several bonuses?

Yes. Casinos often put several bonuses on the menu, and are not content with the traditional deposit bonus. Watch out for your operator's promotions to get other bonuses!

Should we choose the site that offers the biggest bonuses?

No, not necessarily. It is much more important to choose an operator who offers a really interesting bonus. Indeed, too often, bonuses are bait that allow casinos to phish Internet users. A large bonus does not necessarily mean an interesting bonus.

Can we withdraw the money from a bonus?

Not always, and never immediately. The best bonuses can be withdrawn after a certain period of time; to take advantage of them, you must wager a certain number of times their amount. Obviously, the lower this number, the more profitable the bonus is.

When playing on mobile, can we take advantage of bonuses?

Yes, of course, bonuses work the same way as on a computer! There are even special bonuses for mobile users.

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